Sur Technology Holdings

Our Specialties

The first phase of your project

Metrics-driven, results-oriented, outstanding execution, guaranteed value.

We tailor each project to fit our client's needs and constantly keep you ahead of your project and informed.

We combine Design Thinking with Agile software delivery to create a cohesive cross-functional team to research, design, implement and validate results with actual customers.

Lean: As an organization, and the process we use. Lean requirements is an innovative, iterative approach for engaging stakeholders and collecting requirements. At a fraction of the time.

Agile: The only way to successfully design and build complex applications. An iterative approach that enables stakeholders and customers to interact with what is being built.


& Execution

From micro services, to role management, web applications, and mobile end-points – we architect, design, and develop custom software products for all industries.

We capture business needs and iterate over an interactive prototype. The prototype is further validated with stakeholders, users, and customers to further advance alignment, measure value and define road-map. Rapid prototyping is extremely useful to kick start new strategic initiatives when detailed documentation simply does not cut it.


If you have a vision for a tailor-made application that would give your business a competitive advantage but don’t know how to go about getting it built, that’s where we come in. Custom solutions are one of our comfort zones. Our dedicated product, user experience, and software development teams are ready to make your vision a reality, no matter how complex.


Our mobile application developers utilize a feature-centric methodology, with business-critical features developed first. In addition, change requests are handled quickly and effectively, thus ensuring the product meets the stakeholders’ requirements.


Consulting: Fractional CTO/CIO and consultation services are available to help your project advance.

Network Infrastructure: Strategy to implementation we can design what will keep your business connected, communicating, and operating effectively.

Network Security: Incidents, threats, compliance we can penetrate find the vulnerabilities and fix.